How to order a car from “A” to “Z”

Many people want to save money and purchase a vehicle abroad, but they are afraid because they do not know all the stages and pitfalls. We will tell you in detail about each stage when ordering a car from us.

1 1.Design what kind of vehicle you need. To do this, you need to contact the manager for more detailed information on the selection of a car or an in-vehicle vehicle from one or another country.

2 2. Conclusion of the contract for the delivery of the vehicle (Buy a car right away or participate in the auction).

3 3. To purchase a car from the auction you need to pay 10% of the the expected value of the vehicle at the auction.

4 4. If you win at an auction, you must pay the full cost of the car + commission for the transfer of funds (SWIFT transfer).

5 5. Within 2 weeks the vehicle is transported to the warehouse of the company (USA or Canada). You get a photo report from our warehouse and the number of the container in which the vehicle follows to track its location.

6. Depending on the shipping port of the container, follow the ocean from 30 to 65 days.

7 7. When the container arrives in the country of the customer you need to provide documents (Passport , code) for customs clearance. Customs clearance takes 1-2 weeks.

8 8. Receiving a car in any city in Ukraine.

9 9. Calculation upon receipt of auto (Shipping + customs + services ).

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Auto from Europe

09.11.2018 в 15:11

On a comfortable minibus (8 seats + 2 sleeping, plasma and other amenities). We offer to travel around Europe for a car together with your friends.
Detailed by phone +380 93 288-28-58


Auto from Georgia

09.11.2018 в 15:05

Our company also delivers cars and other equipment from Georgia. The manager goes or flies with you and helps to choose a car. Afterwards it is sent by ferry to Ukraine.