Delivery of cars, boats and agricultural machinery from the USA

Many residents of Ukraine and CIS countries prefer to buy cars from the USA. The cars from America’s are in great demand for the of the post-Soviet space. AutoGlobalTrader provides services for the sea and air transportation of luxury cars from the Ukraine.

In most cases to buy and deliver a car from The US is more profitable than buying such a same analog in Ukraine or the CIS. New or used car from even with shipping account and customs clearance will be cheaper.

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Auto from Europe

09.11.2018 в 15:11

On a comfortable minibus (8 seats + 2 sleeping, plasma and other amenities). We offer to travel around Europe for a car together with your friends.
Detailed by phone +380 93 288-28-58


Auto from Georgia

09.11.2018 в 15:05

Our company also delivers cars and other equipment from Georgia. The manager goes or flies with you and helps to choose a car. Afterwards it is sent by ferry to Ukraine.