Check your vehicle with CARFAX

Check your vehicle with CARFAX

In order to check the car by CarFax. You need to contact any convenient phone for you or by mail with us. Pay the cost of the service which is $ 10 for 1 report. At the expense of the company in Ukraine through Privat Bank at the rate, or at the expense of the company in the US! Office in the US works from  3.00 pm UCT+02:00 time!

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Auto from Europe

09.11.2018 в 15:11

On a comfortable minibus (8 seats + 2 sleeping, plasma and other amenities). We offer to travel around Europe for a car together with your friends.
Detailed by phone +380 93 288-28-58


Auto from Georgia

09.11.2018 в 15:05

Our company also delivers cars and other equipment from Georgia. The manager goes or flies with you and helps to choose a car. Afterwards it is sent by ferry to Ukraine.