Chevrolet company began selling a new Camaro

10.03.2016 в 14:03

In the salons of official dealers of the company, orders for the Chevrolet Camaro 2016 sports coupe were started on the photo, in a new generation. True sports car initially can be bought with one version of the power unit.


Recall that the roadster Mercedes-AMG GT see the photo, was released just a couple of years after the eponymous GT Coupe, with which the audience met in 2014 at the Paris auto-show. The open version of the car debuts at this show, which will open in just two weeks. Developing a roadster, the company did not limit itself to installing a soft roof and strengthening the body structure …

Exterior and interior 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster

The front part of the car received a radiator grille “Panamericana”, made in the style of the “charged” version of AMG GT R with vertically oriented 15-chrome fins. In addition, the front bumper is distinguished by larger lateral air intakes in comparison with a regular kupeshka.

The redesigned rear bumper also got vent holes on the sides. The boot lid was provided with an original brake light. The soft roof (available in three color shades: red, black, beige) can easily be folded in just 11-sec, and the entire procedure can be carried out at a speed not exceeding 50 km / h. If you take the salon 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT see the photo, then its interior is almost identical to that of the coupe. The customer can order the interior design in one of ten color solutions (for the painting of the body is offered as many as eleven). Behind the backs of the seats are security arcs. Optionally, the company offers the installation of sports seats AMG Performance, which are now equipped with the so-called “Balloon” function.